Forgive us, for we have SINNED

It’s been a really busy year for us and we both felt we needed a bit of a rest, so about a week ago we figured, hey, let’s go away somewhere.

We discussed various options, including some all-in vacations, but neither of us are beach people, and we don’t normally stay in one place when we go away, so it took a couple of days before we figured out where to go.

Perhaps you have already picked up on our destination, based on the title of this little entry.

Yup, we ended up going to Sin City – Las Vegas Nevada. Oh yeah, home of all kinds of debauchery, of which we didn’t get involved with. I know, boring people.

So why there?

We always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon (well, I did anyway and my lady thought this would be a good idea), but for some reason we found hotels in Arizona to be a bit more expensive, and the flights just didn’t work in our favour time-wise. So, we found some deals by staying at a hotel just off the main strip, and ended up flying out of Detroit. Saved ourselves a good chunk of money that way.

Next thing was to book trips to the Grand Canyon, and another one for Horseshoe Bend and Lower Antelope Canyon. Of course all of these are in Arizona, so we had to take a bus tour to get to them. Believe it or not, it still worked out cheaper than staying in Arizona. Plus I didn’t want to do the driving.

First day, we arrived mid-morning, and went to the hotel to drop off our bags. Fortunately, a room was available for us, so we got in early. Hopped on the local bus and wandered to the main strip. Visited the Eiffel Tower, watched the water show at the Bellagio, wandered a few stores, got something to eat and went back to the hotel. We were tired and had to get up nice and early to catch the ride to the Grand Canyon.

We’re suckers for a helicopter ride, and figured we’re only there once, so when they asked if anyone wanted to upgrade, we were in.

After driving through the Mohave Desert for quite a while, we finally arrived at our destination. We caught the helicopter for our 25 minute ride, and had a very emotional experience as we flew along the plateau, and have the land fall off beneath us, with the South End of the Grand Canyon spread out all around us. Absolutely breathtaking.

Back on land we caught up with the rest of our group and visited a few of the lookout points, and we left very satisfied. Even got to see some of the resident Elk herd near the gate entrance.

Grand Canyon South Rim

Next morning was just as early. Up and on our way by 5:30 for our 5 hour drive to Page Arizona, home to both Horseshoe Bend, and Lower (as well as Upper) Antelope Canyon.

Horseshoe Bend

This time there was no need to do the helicopter, as you get great views of the bend from the lookout point, and Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon that you need to walk through to get the best experience. Horseshoe Bend is part of the Grand Canyon, and is on Federal park land, but the canyon is on Navajo land, and they run the show there. They provide excellent guides who will help you find the best settings for your camera, and are wonderful at helping out if you are just taking cell phone photos.

On the long drive back home we were allowed to sit in the front seat of the bus, so I was able to get some photos through the front windows as well as the side.

Next day was our day to stay in town. We ended up sitting through a timeshare presentation, so we received some vouchers for food, gambling, and a show. The food was blasé, the gambling was horrible (just did the slots) and Terry Fator put on a good show.

When we got out of the show we were just in time to see the Volcano at the Mirage do its eruption, then once again back to the hotel for an early morning alarm.

Volcano show at the Mirage

Now it’s back to our day to day goings on. Sadly, we missed some really good birding days while we were gone, and we are hoping there might still be some around.

So, now you know how we Sinned, and hope you will forgive us.

 At least this time we didn’t buy a new house.

Thanks for reading.

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Talk again soon. Bye for now.