And now for 2020

Welcome to 2020. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.

So, I didn’t make any resolutions for this year. I suppose one of them would have been to get this blog updated every week, but based on the current date, I would have blown that one already.

First off, how about some bird sightings. There still seem to be a lot of Kestrels and Red-Tailed Hawks hanging around these parts. We see a lot of them as we are out and about. Went over to Holiday Beach a couple days ago and actually saw about 4 Carolina Wrens searching for food in some brush on the ground. Went to the tower there the next day and there were some Goldfinches bouncing around from tree to tree. When we were in Toronto we would only see these little ones in the spring and summer.

There have been a couple of Egrets still visiting the waters nearby, and the Eagles are making their way back in as well.

Have you ever on the spur of the moment thrown some clothes into a bag, jumped in the car and just go somewhere, without knowing where you will end up. A few days before Christmas, we did just that. Since we are fairly close to the border, we crossed the bridge and made our way south on I75. Ended up spending the night just south of Dayton, and the next morning pointed the car southwest and eventually ended up in Nashville. We made sure to stop at the visitors info centre and made our plans for the next few days.

Honky Tonks – check
Belle Mead – check
Hop On Hop Off – check
Country Music Hall Of Fame – check
and of course The Grand Ole Opry – check

We also visited some other sites around the city, and eventually worked our way back home for Christmas. What’s nice about travelling on Christmas Day is that there is hardly anyone on the road, and the border crossing is pretty fast.

We did the same spur of the moment thing, and visited Sarnia the weekend before New Year’s and found out that there was a Snowy Owl being spotted occasionally in the fields nearby. We decided to take a walk along one of the trails, and sure enough, way out in a field we saw a white blob. I tried to take a couple of photos to see what it was, and couldn’t really tell. I ran back to the car and grabbed my stronger binoculars, and walked quickly back to my Lady who was keeping an eye on the blob. After a few moments of trying to catch my breath (hey I’m an old guy now you know), I was able to confirm it was indeed a Snowy Owl, and it was actually facing our direction. I placed my lens on my Lady’s shoulder and fired off a number of shots, hoping that at least one would come out (this is called spray and pray). It took a bit of cropping in but I feel this might be the best shot.

Snowy Owl quite a way out in the field.

We had also heard that a Harlequin Duck had been seen by the Bluewater Bridge that morning, so we zipped over there, but the water was running so fast, nothing was sitting around. We then wandered over to the Sarnia harbor, and checked out the waterfowl taking refuge in the docks area. Sadly, the Harlequin wasn’t around, but this little guy came over to see if I had any food for him.

1 of only 2 white ducks in Sarnia Harbour

There were also a few Long Tail Ducks out on the river.

Male Long Tailed Ducks

As we were getting ready to move on, this Eagle came to harass some of the ducks, before flying off to a tree out on an island in the river.

Bald Eagle buzzing the ducks

So the weather here has been on and off lately. Sometimes cool, sometimes a bit warmer, but you can tell the seasons have changed. Hey, we even had snow for an hour. Then, within 30 minutes, it was gone. We had some ice cover on the marsh for a few days, but it too has melted again.

The sky though has been a different matter. It feels like weeks have gone by where there is either cloud cover, or just overall grey. The sky has been covered in some way for so long, that when I looked outside the other day, I was almost blinded by a strange bright light shining down from a weird coloured sky. Believe it or not, the sky was BLUE!  I went online to see what that light was, and found out that it was The SUN!  What a day for celebration!  Sadly, it has disappeared again though.

Anyhooo, it’s only a few months before the season changes, and the birds start to make their way back north, and we are out traipsing around our favourite birding areas again.

In the meantime, please leave me a comment below and let me know what you like or don’t like about my verbal meanderings, and don’t forget to click Follow to get email notifications when I put up another post.

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I’ll try to get another post out sooner, rather than later, but until then, thanks for reading.

Till next time.

One thought on “And now for 2020

  1. Good morning my world travelers!
    Thank you for letting me smile through your adventures!!!!

    First of all….I’m sorry for not wishing you a happy 60th Noel! I was going to and then things happened and it slipped my mind. I claim temporary insanity!!! We did the family get together Christmas eve at Gino’s and I got bit by his dog! Ended up spending most of it at the hospital. Had to get a tetanus shot but they don’t stitch dog bites. It was pretty deep and I thought they would but I needed to get the infection out. I’m healing well! Had a follow up and go back in a month to make sure that all the infection is out.
    I had them laughing in emerg when I was saying that ‘I got bit by my ex-husbands dog’ cause all they heard was ‘I got bit by my ex-husband’!!! they couldn’t stop laughing and thanked me for making their Xmas eve better! Glad I could help!

    Other than that, all is good….boring…but good.

    Glad to see that you guys aren’t slowing down no matter what the season.

    I hope you & Juliette have a fabulous 2020 full of laughter and adventures!

    Love you guys!


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