Thank You COVID-19

So ends another inbound migration. This time not with a bang, but a whimper. Thank you COVID-19.

I was just about to put this post up, but Windows Update decided I need to do some reworking on my hard drive. So, finally after a few days of struggling, and moving my data to a different computer, here it is. I don’t think I can actually blame this one on COVID.

I guess you could say it was pretty quiet on the bird watching side this year. With Point Pelee and Hillman Marsh both closed, and nobody getting inside, all the birds that funneled through there must have enjoyed the peace and quiet.

We were still able to get out to Holiday Beach, but since all the facilities were closed, we only spent about 3 hours at a time there before we had to go home and get some lunch, and go to the washroom. We had to get to the park early enough, because it has a small parking lot and by 9:00 it was usually full.

There were also a couple of smaller areas that we checked out, but for the most part Holiday Beach was our favourite stomping grounds. Some days it became our favourite Sloshing grounds due to bad weather pushing the marsh waters right over some of the trails. Without high water boots, some areas were impassable.

One good thing though, without taking the few extra thousand photos, I have been able to keep up with the editing pretty well. Some of the highlights;

Lots of Yellow Warblers, a couple of Black and Whites, a Wilsons Warbler, Hermit Thrush, Grey Cheeked Thrush, Swainson’s Thrush, Indigo Bunting, Palm Warblers, lots of Warbling Verios (I don’t recall any from last year), our friendly Woodcock poked about a few times, Scarlet Tanagers, Summer Tanagers, Magnolia Warblers, Northern Perula, Prothonotary Warblers, Nashville Warbler (hey, we didn’t see them when we went to Nashville!), different types of Sparrows. We even went to Hillman Marsh before it was closed off, and were lucky enough to find the Black Throated Stilt close to shore.

We expect the next couple of months to be fairly quiet bird-wise. Of course if anything really special shows up, you will hear about it.

Our Osprey nest is sitting empty again. One day we saw a few Osprey flying near the tower, and wondered if the babies had fledged, and it appears to be the case. Wow, kids grow up so fast don’t they?

Osprey. Perhaps looking for its nest?

Interestingly, our local Oriole couple have stopped eating the oranges and grape jelly that we have been leaving out for them, and are just stopping by once in a while to check out the hummingbird feeder. They aren’t even going to their own feeder, even though it’s the exact same sugar water from the same batch. We are surprised that they are even still around. Last year they were gone by now.

Male Oriole by the Hummingbird feeder

Funny thing, we were supposed to go to Iceland a couple years ago, but held off so that our son could come with us. This year, we were all set to spend 10 days in Iceland, beginning June 3. Guess what. Yup, cancelled. Better yet, let’s just say Postponed. I guess when we do get to go it’ll be the 3rd times a charm trip. I really was hoping to get some Puffin photos. Ah well, thanks COVID-19.

How is your Honey-Do list coming along. Most of our neighbours have turned theirs into Honey-Done lists. Thankfully my Lady doesn’t set up big tasks for me to do, so we are able to spend a lot of our time enjoying each other as we go birding.

Been to Costco or Walmart lately? How was your line-up? Isn’t wearing a mask so much fun? How about going to parties with friends and family. That was a thing not too long ago, remember. It’s funny how we are all learning how far 6 feet is. Have you noticed that it’s a bit inconsistent – some stores say 1 shopping cart, others say 2 shopping carts, and some even have lines almost 10 feet apart, and staff telling you which checkout to go to. Social and Physical Distancing. Thanks COVID-19.

I wonder how many stores and businesses will keep the plexiglass partitions up after all this is over. I’m sure some of what we are seeing now will become the new norm. Wash your hands. Use sanitizers. Video Meetings. Working from home. Gloves, masks, face shields. Temperature checks entering Long Term Care or Health Care facilities.

Come to think of it, what will our Long Term Care facilities even be like, once the government brings in all the changes, whatever they will be. Will loved ones be able to get back inside and help look after their families? God that situation is so heartbreaking. Thanks COVID-19

Yup, so many things will change, but I guess the question is, will we?

Oops sorry, fell off the deep end there.

Anyway, it’s just about June, and shortly after that, summer and all the sunshine funshine. Enjoy yourselves, and if we ever get the go ahead to get together with family, give them all a big hug, but remember to stay safe, and stay healthy. If you feel sick, stay home.

Hey, just a thought, do you think the hospitals will be ready for the maternity wards to be filled starting in November or December? After all, if you have to stay home, you might as well have some fun, right?

Till next time.

2 thoughts on “Thank You COVID-19

  1. Thanks again Noel! It’s always a pleasure (and often a photographic inspiration!) to look through your photos.

    Well done!



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