Let’s get Sirius (get it?)

Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer, the time when Sirius (the Dog Star) shines brightly in the sky, marking the hottest days of summer.

We thought it was hot before, it’s getting even hotter right now. Believe it or not, we have taken up staying in the house with the windows closed for now, and only going out when it’s a bit more comfortable.

As for going out, we still want to see the birds, and thankfully there are a few still around nearby. The Pelicans made a really quick flight by our place a week or so ago, but of course I didn’t have my camera ready, and by the time I saw them they were already going behind the tree. Sadly my lady didn’t get a chance this time.

We have had a couple of courting Northern Flickers and a family of Cedar Waxwings hanging out in the trees behind our house over the past month or so. The Flickers start off with a couple of loud squeak calls, then settle into a bit of a dance while kind of murmuring to each other, then off they go to do it all over again in another tree. The Waxwings just seem to softly whistle to each other as if to say “here I am”.

One morning we were out and found a couple of bunnies that didn’t mind us being near them. These guys are all over the place. They breed like rabbits.

Last year we had a House Wren hanging around, and this year we have a Carolina Wren waking us up by hopping around, looking for bugs, and singing just outside our window. Truly a sweet sound from such a tiny little bird, except when we want to sleep in.

Carolina Wren

That doesn’t mean the House Wren hasn’t been visiting, it just hasn’t tried setting up a love nest.

House Wren

It looks like our Hummingbirds might have had their babies, and have begun bringing them around, showing them the best food spots. Fortunately our place has a couple of feeders for them to visit, and they seem to like our sugar water.

We sometimes get Canadian and US Air Force aircraft buzzing our area, not at the same time though. Often I’ll hear the sound of fighter jets in the sky, and by the time I run to the back deck, they are just passing overhead, and of course I’m not able to get a good photo. But I’ll keep trying anyway. Sometimes though, I get lucky and fire off some photos of the slower ones.

Easier to photograph slower moving birds

The neighbours cat often walks across our back fence (along the catwalk), and jumps up onto their garage roof. I was lucky one day as I got this photo of it grooming itself, kind of looking like a Playboy model.

Striking a pose

Of course, who hasn’t heard of Comet Neowise. We had very few nights when we were able to see it, but my lady and I tried the best we could while battling the mosquito hordes. As it turned out, the best shot I could get was from my neighbours  driveway, but this time I had to battle extra lighting from our streetlight. Not the greatest photo, but maybe I can get a better one when it comes back around in 6800 years or so.

Neowise. If you look carefully you can see a bit of the tail

Did you know there’s such a thing as Shipspotting? Kind of like Trainspotting, but with ships instead. Living right near the Detroit River, we get a great chance to see all kinds of vessels moving up and down river. I don’t actually track online to see who’s coming by, but when I get a chance to see something and get a photo, it feels pretty good, and if it’s something other than the standard lake freighter, it’s even better.

So I’ll finish up with the local Ospreys. They are still on the tower, and we have seen a youngster’s head pop up from inside the nest, but sadly we haven’t been able to get a photo yet. Gonna keep trying though and I’ll let you know.

Once again, thanks for reading. I hope to have more stories within a couple of weeks.

Till next time, stay safe.

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