Not my average blog post

This is certainly not the type of blog that I would normally write.

As many people know, My Lady is from the tiny Caribbean island of St. Vincent.

A few years ago we visited her family back on the island, and had a great time in the sunshine, the lush greenery of the landscape, and warmth of the West Indian culture.

We enjoyed the Botanical Gardens, Fort Charlotte overlooking the capitol of Kingstown, a lovely cruise up the shoreline to visit one of the areas where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed, and so much more.

The biggest thing was an exhausting hike up to the crater of the La Soufriere volcano. A 3 hour hike up, followed by a 3 hour hike down. At that time a large dome had built up inside the crater, and the skies were clear enough to get some beautiful pictures.

A couple days ago, so much changed when La Soufriere took a turn for the worse and erupted smoke and ash miles into the sky.

Since that time we have tried to maintain some contact with family there, and have heard first hand stories of stone and ash covering almost all of the island, mass evacuations from the north end nearest the volcano, power outages, water shortages, food shortages (all crops have been wiped out), thick black air and poor air quality, and overall fear that this is possibly going to go on for much longer…

Right now all family members are doing ok, but the conditions sound so hellish. Just hearing what they are going through is enough to shake us to the core.

Most of us have never experienced a disaster of this magnitude, only seeing it on TV or at a movie. Can you imagine having to actually live through it for more than 2 hours? We thought wearing a mask when we go shopping was tough.

The situation in St. Vincent is very fluid right now, and news is going to be hard to follow, but if you have a chance, please keep the people of St. Vincent in your thoughts, and please consider making a donation to any proper charity of your choice that is assisting the devastated island.

Thank you for reading and we should be back to the birds in a couple of weeks.

Stay Safe.

One thought on “Not my average blog post

  1. Love getting your emails you guys!! Sorry to hear your family is in the path of the volcanos emissions. Hope everyone stays safe ❤️❤️


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