This may be one of the shortest Blogs I’ve done in a while.

July 03, 2021

June was super quiet on the birding side with just a few specials making an appearance early in the month.

Around the end of May we heard from friends that at least 1, maybe 2 White Winged Doves were being seen and heard in a very small area in Windsor, but we couldn’t get there until June 1. Almost as soon as we parked, we saw something pop up from the top of a house and fly towards the other street behind the houses. Off we went around the block, eyes scanning the rooftops, until suddenly we heard a guttural call and searched the trees without luck. Suddenly it flew overhead and landed in a tree nearby. Sure enough it was the White Wing Dove! It allowed me to take a few photos before flying away again.

As we rounded the corner to return to our car, we heard the call again and frantically searched until we found it resting in a tree over a house. The homeowners soon arrived and we struck up a conversation with them, and they were so happy that we were able to point it out to them. They had seen all the other birders in the area before us, but this was the closest that they had seen it themselves. As we talked the bird gave us a nice show back and forth across the road. This bird is not usually found in this area as it is more common to Texas and the Southern USA.

A couple of days later we heard about Dickcissel in a few fields around the area and after getting a tip about some being seen close to the road on the far side of the county, my Lady and I scooted on over and spent a good amount of time listening and watching not only the Dickcissel, but Bobolink and Meadowlark as they did their thing in the fields. Later on we found out that they were in a radio tower field just a little north of our home, and we spent a little time watching them there as well.

Other than that, the regulars are still here, including the Osprey family that decided not to move back into their nest on the tower after the Horned Owls moved out. The Ospreys finally finished the new nest on top of the light stand that they started in the ball park last year, and appear to have a couple of young ones there.

We know the Cuckoo was at Holiday Beach earlier, but we haven’t seen it in a while. Our White Headed Robin appeared to have a nest, but it too may have moved elsewhere.

The Fish Flies were a strange visit this year too. Started out with a small handful, but by the 3rd week of June they were everywhere. You couldn’t enjoy going for a walk with so many of them flying out from the grass as you disturbed them. By the end of the month, they were almost all gone.

So, I guess part of the reason we aren’t getting out as much is due to the fact that the company that I retired from called me up and asked if I might be interested in helping out for a little while. When I originally left I had suggested maybe working remotely, but that didn’t pan out. Times have changed and when they asked, I didn’t hesitate to get on board with them again. Thankfully they are comfortable with me taking time to do my birding as well, just in case something shows up. Strangely, not much has.

Thanks again for reading.

Till next time.

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